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"Launching a new product into our portfolio and putting onto our website was a risk. translationexpert was able to take all the original marketing material from our supplier in France and adapt it into the UK market with great success."

M Smith

"The translation of our catalogue from French into English enabled us to expand into the Scandinavian markets a lot more easily."

A Rouchaud

"Paul really came up trumps when I was planning our recent trip abroad. My wife needed regular dialysis treatment and he was able to locate a convenient hospital and arrange all the necessary appointments (even following up with a 'phone call to confirm the appointment and reassure us both.)"

D Webb

"translationexpert was a huge help when I was exploring the possibility of buying a time-share last year. I didn't proceed in the end, but I was able to make that decision in full possession of all the facts thanks to an accurate and understandable translation."

R Smith

"Launching our new range of fine wines into the UK was made so much easier with sympathetic translations of our product presentations."

L Emile